An email I received from my mom (Granma Micki) over Thanksgiving while she and my dad (Papa) were watching the kids so we could go to a wedding in India:
We had a wonderful day today.
Starting with last night, we watched the finals of Dancing With The Stars and got lots of energy exhumed.  Cutie Pie (J) is a natural at dancing.  Perhaps we will work on coordination a little more with Button (D) & SweetPea (S).  There were great squeals of delight when J.R. won – our American hero. 
Thanksgiving was a GREAT day!  Starting with the walking of the dogs of course – the kids really love this.  After breakfast, we cleaned our rooms and D also cleaned their bathroom without even being asked to do so.  “Mommy doesn’t like messes” I’d say and D quipped immediately afterward “Neither does her mommy!”  Then we read our new books and completed our book reports.  S read me his new book on Uranus and he LOVES learning about the solar system and space.  There was a huge improvement from his first draft and his completed report.  I’ve kept both for you to see.  D read the entire book Diary of a Whimpy Kid and her book report is on the Bernstein Bears.  She did the entire report almost perfectly the first draft.  I’m impressed. 
During the writings, J took the biggest dump I’ve ever seen for a kid his age!  And in the pot of course!  He is consistently going #1 in the pot and so far has only had one #2 in his diapers.  He objects strongly to taking his pants down, but once he’s on the pot, he’s totally fine.  #1 comes very quickly, but has to think about #2 a little longer.  Then he doesn’t like putting his pants back on again, (I don’t understand this) but with the celebration of his accomplishments, he’s more distracted with that.  He has done #1 in his diapers still, but mostly just when he’s sleeping.  He’s coming along great for only a few days of trying.   [SEE BELOW]
Then it was back to cleaning and D swept all the leaves off the back deck, while S read Uranus to me again.  I wanted to make sure he understood what he was reading.
While J napped, D&S watched Tom Sawyer with popcorn and candy teeth as rewards for all their hard work. After Tom Sawyer, we had a fabulous Thanksgiving feast – and everybody got to choose what they wanted to eat – at the Country Buffet down the street.  It was packed!
When we got home, we walked the dogs and then took them on the back deck to play.  That was enormous fun for all, so much so that Rollfie was trying to hide after awhile….and eagerly went back to his cage.
And that was when it happened….
I have never in my life seen a mess that BIG.
It was the blowout of all blowouts!
D& S ran into the house to tell me about it.  Papa confirmed it when I reached the back door.  J just cried L.
We went to the changing table where I viewed the damages.  Unable to breathe, I just picked J up by one arm and one leg and carried him into the tub. No longer crying – apparently this was fun time now, we showered him down and then played while soaking. OMGoodness…in his hair and every orifice, all over his back and down his legs…clothes saturated…hopefully we won’t have a repeat performance of that!
Then we went downstairs and watched some KC and LJ videos.  The kids were bored to tears at first, but then they watched the Sunshine Generation performances, Easter egg hunting at 7 and you in a play when you were 3ish – I don’t even remember it-where, etc??? You never told them you wore glasses, so they heard the KC and the star story.
By then it was time for bed, and the kids expressed how much they missed you.  D and I are bonding over the misery.  Changing the subject helped them cope and all is well on the homefront.
We do ALL miss you bunches, though.
Happy Thanksgiving!