Hey Tshibakas!
I was in prayer this evening and you guys came across my radar.  Just wanted to drop a line of encouragement to you folks.  As I was praying I was so bolstered in my own spirit by the example of faithfulness and obedience that you both have lived.  Here I am, married and loving life and as I reflected on the journey of healing that got me there I was brought back to that night where you both prayed for my healing.  At the time it was specifically in prayer for my back, but ended up being prayer for so much more especially forgiving my father.  I know that I am just one story of many in your multiple years of ministry but I wanted you to know that _I_ am so thankful.  The two of you followed God and did not cling to your own agendas and even stepped out and started things that were unknown, scary and lot of work, and by doing so ended up ministering a healing to me that is one of the main reasons I stand where I do today.

Love you guys

Proverbs 10:17a – He who heeds discipline shows the way to life…