Dear Family and Friends with whom we exchange Christmas gifts,

It’s that time of year! We’re all starting to think about Christmas shopping! Well, at least retailers are…

I just wanted to drop a note to let you all know that we won’t be getting Christmas gifts for adults this year. We’re kissin’ Christmas shopping goodbye…  Well, not for the wee ones, but for all the not-so-wee ones.

And here’s why. We saw this video last year that really affected us. It showed how Americans spend billions and billions of dollars on Christmas shopping EVERY YEAR, but how a fraction of that money would significantly change living conditions and life expectancy for millions of people. ( or (
So instead of doing what we all are usually doing throughout Christmas season (stressing, spending, haggling), we’re going to be focusing on Jesus and doing something that honors Him: donating our gift-giving funds to the poor. Our giving preference is to an organization that “gives the poor a working chance” by providing the poor in third world countries micro-loans.  You can even pick your own person to support here:
The kids had a lot of fun picking who they wanted to spend our money on (kids are good at that).
I’m writing to let you know all this so first, you won’t be *shocked* on Christmas morning, but ALSO so you would consider joining us in taking back the real Reason for the Season by remembering the poor?
We love you all so very much!!! And Merry Christmas!
~Kelly & Niki