Faith is a neutral thing–you can choose to believe in good or bad, hope or despair, promises or problems. And faith is powerful–what you choose to believe in matters.

For example, for years I used to have predictably bad experiences in social gatherings. I was consistently rejected or ostracized at parties, events, meetings, dinners…you name it! So much so that I came to dread going to them. “They’re just going to hate me,” I thought.

In law school it got to be so bad that I talked to my pastor about it. He suggested that I imagine I’m wearing my favorite super hero’s mask whenever I’m in these situations so that I won’t be crippled with fear by their rejection of me, but instead would project the confidence and lovability of, well in my case, Batman.

And it worked. Over time my social encounters improved remarkably, and it wasn’t long before I no longer dreaded going to social gatherings nor anticipated that even one person in the room would reject me.

Thanks to my friend, Jill Gates, I recently realized the spiritual truth behind the “Batman mask” exercise: positive faith vs. negative faith. When I believed I would be rejected, I fueled the powers of the enemy to turn people against me. But when I believed everything would be okay, I fueled the powers of God to turn people to me. Before I had faith (chose to believe) I’d be rejected. Now I have faith (choose to believe) I’ll be accepted.

Positive or negative faith. For me, a daily choice.