Sih was asking me questions about Heaven, and we were discussing how there would be no more tears, no more pain, no more hurt feelings. Siah followed it up with asking if there would be any discipline. I explained that there wouldn’t be (so that’s part of why there won’t be any tears). And I encouraged him by saying that there won’t be discipline because there won’t be sin–he won’t do anything wrong…

“No, Mama, I will do things wrong.”

“Not in Heaven, Siah. There is no wrong in Heaven.”

“Really, Mama? How is that possible? Didn’t Lucifer sin in Heaven? Didn’t the angels with him make a mistake?”

“Yes, but God made Satan leave Heaven and all the angels with him. And then He took away the angels’ ability to choose bad, so now they can’t sin or do bad.”

“But, Mama, when I’m in Heaven won’t I still be able to choose? So what if I make a choice for something bad?”

I heard his question as, “what will keep me from making the same kind of choice Lucifer made?” Over and over throughout history, we have chosen to turn from God, from Adam and Eve to our daily decisions. So it’s nearly impossible to imagine an existence where we have the power to choose and we don’t choose to turn from God.

I was thankful for the yard decorations that distracted Siah so I didn’t have to stumble through an answer on the spot. I’m still pondering how to respond to his question–what will keep us from choosing bad?