Just that morning I was thinking about how you’re always “on call” when you have Christ in you. It’s an honor, really; not a burden. He leads you where His light, life, and love are needed. You never know what you’re going to walk into, but you’re always ready to give what has been given to you. Freely we’ve received, so freely we give.

It was a beautiful autumn day. Crisp, colorful, sunny. We had the opportunity to visit some of Niki’s college professors and mentors. We dropped in unannounced on one of them. She invited us into her office and it was a matter of minutes before we learned that she had spent the last year deeply grieving the tragic loss of her husband. Most of her grieving was alone.

In an instant it became clear why we were there to see her–to offer the same comfort we ourselves have received from the God of all comforts. We listened, we cared, and we offered to pray for her. Yes, she would like that very much.

And so we prayed. In the depths of a secularist academic institution, we called on the name of Jesus to comfort this dear woman who has dedicated her life to serving young students. To be with this precious soul who has known a depth of loneliness no one should experience. To offer hope in the midst of despair. To bring Light into the darkness.

When you carry the Light in you, you bring it wherever you go. And He will lead you to where He is needed most. All we a to do is be wiling to say “yes”–to freely give what we have freely received. To care about others.