I think we’ve lost our bearings with respect to discipleship. Even how to do it. Culturally, we used to breathe discipleship. Kids learned vocations from their parents. Took on their trade. Learned domestic responsibilities, home economics. Rewind further than that, and we see Rabbis raising up look-a likes, who not only learned what the Rabbis knew, but also lived like they lived. Or we see the great thinkers of the history raising up students under them–from Socrates to Aristotle.

And somewhere along the way, this got lost in Western culture.

Now, instead, the cries of recent generations is, “Are you my mentor? Are you my mentor?” Like a troubling Dr. Suess book, we have mentorless orphans wandering around wondering who will lead them into greater places? Who will show them the way?

Who will disciple them?