I was happy! So I put on my fun Texas outlaw music to be a little rowdy. A little Gretchen Wilson, a little Big & Rich. Makes me dance a little crazy. Makes me smile.

Makes Cutie Pie dance and smile, too. I tell ya, I love that kid.

He really like Big & Rich’s song Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy. It’s got a catchy but not-kid-appropriate chorus:

Cause I saddle up my horse

And I ride into the city
I make a lot of noise
Cause the girls
They are so pretty
Riding up and down Broadway
On my old stud Leroy
And the girls say
Save a horse, ride a cowboy.
Everybody says
Save a horse, Ride a cowboy

Well, I thought it’d be best *not* to promote the inappropriate part of the song, so I made sure to sing everything except the “Save a horse, ride a cowboy” lines. Didn’t matter, though. That’s what Cutie Pie picked up on. And that’s the part he started to sing on his own.

No big deal, I thought. This will pass in a couple hours. 

And it did. But not before I got the question.

“Mama? What does it mean to ride a cowboy?”

Urgh. My face totally dropped. Why didn’t I see this coming?! They don’t teach you how to answer these questions before you become a parent! We need a Parenting 101 textbook, and these questions need to be answered!

Here’s what I did — I told him sometimes cowboys play like he and Sister do and people ride on their backs like they’re horsies. And that gives the horses a break.

That ended the inquiry (thank you, Lord)… and it taught me a valuable lesson about the media I allow them to be exposed to, even briefly!