I got the question. Me. From Cutie Pie. Just me. Niki wasn’t even in town.

“Where do babies come from?”

They come from love.

“No, but how are babies made?”

[gulp] Well, the Bible says that life comes from love. Jesus loved us, so He died for us to give us eternal what?


That’s right. Over and over again, the Bible shows us that life comes from love. And that’s true with babies, too. They come from love. So when daddy and mommy loved each other, that’s what made you.

Oh. Well, what about mommies that aren’t married? Where did their babies come from?

[you have GOT to be kidding me]

The same place, Cutie Pie. Sometimes a man and woman fall in love and choose to act married before they are married. And when that happens, a baby can come  from that love because life comes from love. That’s one reason why it’s so important to save your love for the one woman who will be your wife.

Ooh, I see.