Mark Buchanan, in his book The Rest of God, makes the following observation about Jesus:

His purposes and His presence often come disguised as detours, messes, defeats. “I came to you naked,” Jesus says. “I came to you thirsty.” “When, Lord?” we ask, startled. When He wore the disguise of an interruption. (p 80)

Buchanan also comments on Mr. Holland’s opus:

[Mr. Holland’s] opus isn’t the composition. It is all these lives –men and women, young and old–his life has touched. It is all these people his passions and convictions have helped and shaped. It’s all that’s being formed in the crucible of interruptions.
I have a hard time with interruptions and messes. They are like fire hoses pummeling my young orchids of Patience. But these insights from Buchanan really made me re-think my response. Lately, I’ve been looking for Jesus in the messes. And I’ve been valuing people (especially my kids) more than the time “lost” in the interruptions.

Just this morning the kids and I were reviewing Psalm 23. Siah asked me, “Mama, what does it mean “my cup runneth over?”

“Well, what it’s saying is that Jesus sets out a banquet for you — a fancy dinner for you in front of all your enemies. And then he fills your cup up with your favorite drink–like Sprite or Root Beer. Whatever the best drink is, that’s what He starts filling your cup with.

And then He keeps filling and keeps filling, and with a twinkle in His eye He keeps pouring even after it’s filled up. So now you’re having to slurp up soda off the table as fast you can, saying,” (and this is where I put on my silly voice) “‘Jesus, Stop! Mama HATES messes!! Stop!’ (slurpy slurpy), Stop!!'”

The kids were laughing so hard, imitating me and my silly slurpy-faced voice, “Stop, Jesus! That’s too much soda!”

“But He just keeps filling and filling because He loves you so much, He’ll pour out more blessings on you than you can handle.”

Yep, that’s what that verse in Psalm 23 shows me — Jesus doesn’t mind the messes. In fact, He delights in them.
Because the messes contain the abundant blessings.