In response to our This is Discipling video, I received a note from “a devout Roman Catholic.”

She wrote, “My husband’s family is Protestant and the hardest thing for me was the lack of discipleship. Their church was all about fun, fun, fun! Fun music, coffee bars, big productions, etc….and I never understood where the learning happened? Where the formation happened? I always took Advent season, Lent, and Easter very seriously and for my in-laws is was always about the great choir production at Christmas, the drive through nativity scene, the Passion Play production or the Easter egg hunt. Church was the social place. Church was the place to dress up and look better than your neighbor, church for them was the place they were entertained. But, for me it has always been a holy place. A place I genuflect out of respect because I believe God is present. A place where I learn to be a better Christian. A place I can heal because I am not SAVED just because I say so. I am only saved by living and believing in Christ every day. That my church is a hospital for sinners, not an entertainment venue.”

What profound insights and observations! I also have had those experiences in churches. I think it’s a challenge endemic to all Christians–the socio-cultural pull to appeal to a consumer-based American mentality. I’ve seen it across denominations, and I’ve also seen effective discipleship happening across denominations. And that’s because the enemy doesn’t limit his attacks to certain denominations, nor does Jesus want disciples from only certain denominations.