We like to celebrate half birthdays. They’re a great excuse to have fun, celebrate each other, and invite friends over to share life with us. We keep it easy–and silly. The theme is “half.” So we have half a pizza, half a cake, and generally make it through half a movie.  : D

For Siah’s half birthday, we did just that, complete with dancing on the coffee table (myself included), playing video games, and watching Star Wars the Clone Wars (it’s only fitting in the “Chewbaccas” house, after all).

Best part of the whole thing for me — next to doing something awesome for our kids — is loving on their friends.  I want our family and our home to be a safe, fun place for them, too.  I want to be a part of their lives, support them, enjoy them, and help them in times of need as they face life’s challenges.  If I’m going to be there for them then, I need to be there for them now.  It’s all about developing relationships with them such that they know that they know that they  know that I love them.