I walked around the buildings on Capitol Hill–where all the staffers, lobbyists, senators, and congressmen are. As I watched the staffers buzz between buildings and glimpsed cracked windows with hard-working policy makers tucked behind their computers, I couldn’t help but think of how much influence these people have simply by virtue of where they are.
Just think of the people they encounter on a daily basis! Just think of how far a little Truth would go when spoken by these people! Just think of how a little love from someone inside could transform a district, a state, and even a nation! What influence even the “smallest” person in these halls possesses.

And as I sat there wanting to be one of them simply to have these kind of opportunities, I realized that it wasn’t that long ago that I was one of them and I did have their influence. I worked on the Hill. I had one of those windows. I was tucked behind one of those computer screens.  And what did I do with it?


It wasn’t that I was ashamed of the Gospel of Christ. It wasn’t that I wasn’t living a life of Light. It was more that at the time, I didn’t realize or appreciate the magnitude of my influence simply because of where I was placed. I was a nobody. What influence did I have?  But now from the outside looking in, it’s so easy to see. Why didn’t I see it then?

Come to think of it, why am I standing here wishing I had the influence of these people when I’m uniquely positioned right where I am? I might be in a different office, but I’m still in the government. And I’m a lot higher up than I was when I worked on the Hill. And day by day I encounter people making incredibly significant decisions for our nation.

And why didn’t I recognize I had this influence until now? How is that all these years later, I still think of myself as a “nobody,” and I haven’t appreciated the way God has “set my hind feet in high places”–giving me access to people and offices and decision-makers that countless people wish they could access. On the outside looking in, it must look like I’m in quite a position to have quite an influence. How is it that every day it is so hard for me to believe that I have been “placed here for such a time as this”–that where I am and when I am is not a coincidence?
What am I doing with the influence I have?
What are you doing with the influence you have?