When I hear a story like this, I wonder “why did this come my way? Lord, what would you have me do?” I was moved with compassion to help them. Please pray and give as you feel led–  This is what it means to be the body of Christ.

7-year-old Ian is waiting for a heart transplant.  He was a healthy boy until about a month ago, and then all of a sudden his heart failed.  He’s currently on a berlin heart right now, which is temporary until he gets a heart. They say the waiting time is an average of 6 months, so Ian will be on the berlin heart until then. It is a big device that sticks out of his chest and is attached to a cart. Because of his condition, he can’t even see his sister.
Friends and family are helping to raise funds for Ian’s family, as the costs are going to be huge, not only for the operation but also living expenses for the next several months. It is a long journey. Right now, Ian’s family is struggling to cover their day to day expenses. So any gift is appreciated.

You can contribute directly through a paypal account or send a check in mail (let me know if you prefer this option and I’ll send you the mailing address). Here is the paypal account set up in ian’s name: go directly to Pay Pal and use the email address ian.fund.thompson2011@gmail.com