• From a social perspective: Facebook (and all social networking) has changed the essence of relationship. We increasingly replace relationship with information, thinking we are connecting with people simply because we posted something on a “wall.”
  • From a marriage perspective: A significant number of divorces is occurring over the content of Facebook pages.  One divorce lawyer in New York has a full load of divorce cases generated over something a spouse posted.
  • From a protecting kids perspective: 1/3 or more of Facebook pages are fake.
  • From a national security perspective: The Russians own over 12% of Facebook
  • From a you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me perspective: Any picture uploaded to Facebook can be accessed for all time, including that not-so-flattering candid posted by your “friend” who you met at a party once. And that picture has embedded metadata — so people can see the original picture (if it was cropped, the cropped part is still out there FOREVER) and tell from the metadata exactly where it was taken (if it was taken in your backyard, anyone in the world can find out exactly where you live by the metadata stored in the picture file).
  • From a where-did-my-privacy-go perspective: By analyzing which of your friends talk to which of your friends, Facebook has a creepy-accurate ability to determine your respective social groups, how they know each other, what they have in common, who you talk to (or like) the most, and how they’re affiliated with you.  CREEPY.

And we’re worried about the Patriot Act?