Work has been particularly challenging lately. I don’t really want to get into it all. In part because it’s too long of a story, and in part because I don’t really want to re-live it. Suffice it to say that I hit a significant hurdle that left me feeling hopeless, overwhelmed, angry, and afraid; left me anxious about my reputation, future, career vitality; and wondering about God’s protection, provision, and presence (sometimes I wonder if He’s forgotten about me, or if my problems just aren’t worth His time). IT WAS (IS?) TOUGH.

So I spent days and days tied up in knots over the whole thing. And absolutely at the end of my rope–there was nothing I could do! Nothing I could correct. Nothing I could change. Nothing I could say. Stuck stuck stuck. Ick ick ick. I was exhausted.

I decided to share with some women in our church who I’m in the process of teaching about different facets of prayer. And they prayed for me. And it changed everything!

One woman shared 2 verses that were exactly what I needed to hear! A couple other women prayed verses that the Lord had given me in the preceding days, serving as confirmation that those were His words (and promises) for me. And another woman prayed a verse from Exodus that the Lord gave to me several years ago about another unbelievably difficult situation in this same office. The verse provided me direction and anchored me then, and everything that it foreshadowed came to pass. Of course, this woman had no idea that this was such a powerful verse for me with respect to my work situation, and here she was offering it to me again! I laughed (to myself) and admittedly teared up a bit — God is so faithful. And it was just the direction I needed…again!

And then — get this! The morning of my meeting with these women, I believed I heard the Lord “whisper” to me during prayer time: “Kelly, today I’ve given you a gift in tongues.”  “Oh, that’s so nice and lovely, Lord. I love that. …But I already have the gift of tongues, so I don’t understand.” The whisper simply repeated, “Today I’ve given you a gift in tongues.”  Fast forward to our prayer meeting, and the women praying for me, and one of them prayed, “Lord, I have a picture in my mind of weights on the tongues of all the people in Kelly’s office who would speak false or critical things about her. Like you’re weighing down their tongues so false and critical things can’t even be uttered. And the only thing anybody will be able to say are things that are true about her and that bring glory to You.”

WOW. [Insert speechless look of sheer amazement here]
There was my “gift in tongues.”
Amen. I claimed it. I believed it. And I went to work the next day a whole different person.

I am so grateful to these women, their prophetic words, and for their willingness to have the tongue of a disciple — they truly sustained the weary with just a word!