One night I was cuddling with Siah before bed and he was asking me questions about heaven. Just as he asked me, “Will our house be in heaven?” Niki came into the room to kiss him goodnight. He heard Siah’s questions and responded fairly matter-of-factly and with great enthusiasm, “No, Siah. Jesus is making a new house for us – a mansion! It will be beautiful and we’ll get to live there!” Then he was off to kiss Button goodnight.

Siah BURST into tears – inconsolably! He couldn’t bear the thought of our house not being in heaven. It devastated him! End of the world tears. And there I was left in daddy’s wake trying to comfort him.

Niki came back a couple minutes later to see what was taking me so long and he found me there trying to comfort our weeping boy. I explained to him what happened and “suggested” that he needed to fix it…

Siah told Niki that he wanted our house to be in heaven because it was perfect – so filled with love and fun, he didn’t want to live anywhere else. He wanted us to live there as a family, and have the same toys, the same food, the same blankets, and even the same paint colors. He was crushed that Jesus, who is good, would do something so mean as to take away his precious house from him.

Niki apologized to Siah and told him he didn’t understand how strongly Siah felt about it. He told Siah that Siah could pray to Jesus and ask Him for the same house, and he believed Jesus would answer Siah’s prayer because He loves Siah sooo much. So Siah got down on his little knees, clasped his little hands together, and through tears pouring down his face prayed, “Jesus! Please, please, please let us have the same house in heaven – with the same toys, and food, and colors and EVERYTHING. Let nothing change and let us live there for all the days! Amen.” He felt soo much better after that.

And Niki left the room and prayed, “Yes, and Lord? Can you please let me live in my mansion next door to him?”