Joseph has started standing by himself! And he claps for himself nearly every time he does (too cute) (15 mos)

Joseph got his first molar (15 mos)

Joseph took his first step, but Niki and I weren’t there to see it, so we’re not counting it. (15 mos)

Joseph said “dada” for the first time, as in, “Bye-bye dada” when Niki was leaving one day (16 mos)

Joseph  has yet to say “mama”… I *think* he said it intentionally once, but it was “mamama” when I walked by, so totally not clear. Definitely not equivalent to “bye bye dada.” And it gets me, too! I know he can say it – he says everything from “yes” to “oh, wow!” to imitating 3-syllable words. But when I try to get him to say “mama,” he just laughs at me. grr.

Joseph frequently shrieks like a terradactyl. This is quite different from his siblings. Button didn’t shriek much; she was practically fluent in sign language at this point and communicated with her hands long past the point that she needed to. Siah, on the other hand, learned some sign but not as much as Button and so went through several months of screeching out of frustration (or anger) that he couldn’t say what it was he really wanted. In contrast, Joseph has resisted learning sign for everything but “more” and “up.” It’s not that he can’t, it’s that he won’t. And he seems to *love* making ear-piercing terradactyl-like shrieks simply for effect. Lovely…

He has started walking around the kitchen by pushing the chairs everywhere. Button used to do that, too. So cute.

Blew bubbles in the bath for the first time — 16 months