Button, Siah, Joseph and I were sitting around the table having dinner. Button was relating to us some of the heartache she is having at school with the way some kids are treating her, especially one boy in her class who keeps giving her a hard time and instigating her. 

Siah encouraged her with the following lesson:
“Sistah, one time Mama esplained to me how I have an invisible sword in my mouth. See? It’s wight here. Wight by my real tongue. [Opens his mouth and points to the side] Mama said my invisible sword can be used to cut people down or to build them up. That boy in your class? He’s using his sword to cut you down. Cut cut cut cut cut. [Illustrating an ax chop over and over, with his hand getting lower and lower with each chop] But you can use YOUR sword to build him up. That’s what Jesus gave us the sword for. Build…build…build [lifting his hand higher and higher and then, after a great dramatic pause…] like the ANGELS!”
Wow. So profound. I *vaguely* remember telling him this a loooong time ago. I had no idea that it stuck. And that he comprehended it, internalized it, and had been applying it. I continue to be amazed at how God uses the every-day things we do and say to change people.
Siah’s lesson was just the tool I needed to talk to him about something else. Apparently, a couple days before at daycare, several of the girls had taken a toy away from him, which made him very upset and caused his little eyes to well up with tears. He looked down at the floor with *great* sincerity, shook his head and said, “I’m so sad all you girls are going to hell.” Sigh…  I’d had a talk with him about it, but he didn’t seem to get why it was so bad. So I wasn’t convinced he wouldn’t do it again.
But after I got over the profundity of Siah’s lesson, I realized that if he internalized that lesson from so long ago, then if I applied the “hell” comment to that lesson, he would get it. So I said, “Siah, what a powerful lesson. You are right on! That boy IS using his sword to cut down Button. But you know what Siah, when you told the girls at daycare that they were going to hell, you were using your sword to cut them down, too. Do you understand that?”
Grief came across his face. “Oh, no, Mama. I don’t want to use my sword to cut down the girls.” He then bowed his head, closed his eyes, and said, “Jesus, pwease forgive me for using my invisible sword to cut down the girls. Amen.”
And thank you, Jesus, for giving me the tool I needed to get Siah to understand.