button felt my tummy again: “Ooh! See, Mama?! Your tummy is getting harder! That means you’re gonna have a baby soon!” (Note: I am NOT pregnant).

She’s convinced it’s a girl. I asked her if she liked the names we are thinking about if we have another girl: Jadyn, Selah, or Samara. She didn’t like any of them. She had her own idea of what the baby’s name should be: Shaya. “Shaya?” I asked, wondering where she got that from. She was resolute. “Shaya. It sounds like Sarah.”

I shared the story with Niki and he looked up the name. In Hebrew, Shaya means “gift”–the same as Shiloh! Amazing. Out of thin air (seemingly) she pulls a name that means the same as the name for the daughter we lost.

Later, Button informed us that I heard her wrong and the name was Shanna, not Shaya. Shanna means “God is gracious.” Indeed, He is.

Things that make you go hmm. Like Mary, I will treasure these things in my heart. I believe the Lord speaks through kids; it’s quite possible He’s going to give us another daughter and He’s given us her name, too.