I got up Friday morning, so excited to be up before the rest of the house! I love uninterrupted prayer time! I headed down to the basement and spent awhile in prayer, mostly about our upcoming Foursquare church convention and about healing and freedom for specific people in our church. I decided to finish it off singing three worship songs (praise is so pleasing to the Lord and it’s one of the most powerful forms of spiritual warfare!).

At the beginning of the third song, I felt light headed, which is not uncommon for me. Next thing I knew, I woke up laying on my back somewhere… I was completely delirious. Had no idea where I was, how I got there, or what was going on. I also couldn’t hear or move for about a minute. Based on the fact that the third worship song to which I had been singing was wrapping up, I later deduced that I had been unconscious for three minutes, and then on and off for about an hour after that. The back of my head HURT. I had hit it hard!

I got Niki up and he called an ambulance. He also triaged our child care to get all the kids taken care of and off to school on time (thank you, Kristen!!!). We spent the next 13 hours in two different emergency rooms. A cat scan, MRI, multiple vials of blood, neurological exam, and 2 opthamology exams later we learned that I suffered a mild concussion, had significant memory loss (most of which I have since recovered), and damaged a nerve in my brain (yes, I am brain damaged…) which has resulted in me having severe double vision. Both my eyes work, but they don’t work together. This is supposed to correct itself over time (hours to months…I am praying for hours), and in the meantime I am sporting a pirate patch. “Arrr!”

They still don’t know what caused the initial unconsciousness, which resulted in the fall and concussion. I have my theory. I think prayer is a contact sport! When you’re praying, you are tearing down strongholds, binding evil spirits, setting captives free, and advancing the kingdom of heaven against the kingdom of darkness. Intently, you’re fighting Satan. And like I said before, worship IS warfare. In warfare, there’s combat.

So yeah, I got a patch over my eye. But you should see the other guy!

It’s not something to be afraid of. I mean, think of it–what’s worse: sporting a pirate patch for awhile or being diagnosed with cancer, unable to have children, or crippled by addiction? I would GLADLY wear a patch for awhile to free even one of the dear people in our church from one of these conditions. Similarly, what’s worse: temporary double vision or hundreds of pastors with no vision and no hope? Again, the answer is simple for me. Bring on the patch!

One thing I did realize in all this is that it would be good to regularly pray for the protection of the blood of Jesus over me and our family and church BEFORE I begin praying. While I suspect the enemy is behind this, I also know that he can’t harm me when I plead the protection of the blood of Jesus over me. Oops!

Our kids had a cute take on it all. Siah prayed, “Jesus, please don’t let Mama’s screw come loose any more so all her memories fall out again.” And Button told her teacher, “All of Mama’s memories came out and she has a percussion.” Ha!

So back to my favorite contact sport! I’m just getting started!