We celebrated Button’s half birthday last night. She is 6 and a half! (Amazing how she keeps getting older, but I don’t…). We had half a pizza, ate half a cake, and had 6.5 sparkler candles on the cake (I cut one candle in half). And we had dancing, some limbo, and watched a short movie. LOTS of giggling and shrieking. It was a party of girls after all.

The point in having the party was to get to know some of Button’s friends and their families better. Showing people love starts with getting to know them and inviting them into your life. That was the point. And a half birthday was a good, fun, silly excuse to do that.

Siah had a different idea, though. Surrounded by 5 cute, giggly friends of Button sitting around the dinner table, Siah pointed to each one in turn and said, “You’re my wife, wife, wife, wife, wife, and sister!” (ending with Button). All the girls were squealing and laughing, and Siah LOVED it. I wish Niki had heard it; he would have been so proud!