What a rare gift of a day.  Yesterday I got to take Joseph to a developmental assessment to see how he’s doing in hitting all his milestones.  And then we had to run some errands together.  It was one of the few moments in his life when I’ve had him all to myself.  And for a prolonged period of time.

The assessment consisted of 3 assessors watching him as he did different activities and interacted with them and with me.  To him it felt like a 2 hour play date with Mama!  And that’s what it felt like to me, too.  I was undistracted by chores, technology, or work, and did not have to share his attention with other kids.  We read books, played with blocks, discovered masking tape, and navigated around the room.  He came to me for comfort, played with me, and talked with me.  I felt like I got to know him in whole new ways!  At one point, the assessors asked if he helped me around the house, like if I asked him to get me a diaper could he get it and bring it to me.  I didn’t know, so I tossed a diaper across the room and asked him to bring it to me.  He hustled over there picked it up and crawled right back to me with it in hand, vocalizing something that I interpreted as, “Here.”  What a big helper!

The assessors noted that he is advanced in his fine motor skills and Mama’s helper skills.  He’s right on track verbally, receptively, audially, and in other areas.  And he’s got a little catching up to do with gross motor skills (like balancing on one leg and walking), but they anticipate he’ll be right on track a year from now without any help.  They also noted that he’s very strong at problem solving, he’s highly curious, and has strong persistence and determination (all good things, apparently).  They said he likes to look for short cuts as a way of solving problems.  He quickly figures out how things work so that he can better master his world and achieve what he wants.

As they took him through the different exercises, it was amazing to me to see him do things I didn’t know he could do, like put away a whole bunch of blocks, respond to a series of instructions, or know that his favorite toy still was in the room even though it suddenly disappeared.  At one point when we were ready to go, he declared, “Bye-bye!” to the room and then crawled right out the door without me!  He was just too precious – laughing with me and being cheeky the whole day.  What a wonderful bonding experience – I delight in him so much.

Today changed my relationship with Joseph.  And I am so grateful for this one-on-one, set aside chunk of time for us to have together!