In a recent article, Francis MacNutt identified the following info about healing:

A. People with the gift of healing knows which sick people to pray for
B. In praying for healing, you may receive knowledge of the root of the problem
C. The gift of knowledge also is helpful in praying for healing
D. People with the gift of healing may have a gift of “reading your mail” to discern roots of sickness
E. People with the gift of healing have a higher than average rate of seeing people healed. We can all pray for healing, and people will be healed. But those with the gift of healing will experience more people being healed.
F. Similarly, people with a gift of healing will see more difficult sicknesses healed. Like cancers or paralysis.
G. Some ailments are commonly healed, while others, like amputations, are less so.
H. People with more serious illnesses usually need more powerful, individual, one on one prayer to be healed.
I. A critical component of healing (and this would be true of any ministering) is listening to God and the person, Loving, and Praying. Listen, Love, Pray.

Lord, I pray for the gift of healing, by Your Spirit. Amen.