My parents are in town and they love to, in the words of Siah, “spoil us rotten.” They took us to Medieval Times, where a king and princess host a feast and knights square off in a jousting competition against the wretched green knight.  We knew it would be a hit, but we had no idea how big of a hit it truly would be.

We got there early so we would get good seats and so we would be able to tour all the exhibits to see in advance.  The kids went in the torture dungeon (Papa had a hard time explaining a chastity belt…), we had our family picture taken with the king and princess, and Siah had a picture taken of him fighting a dragon (that picture has since become his favorite thing, with him carrying it all around the house and clutching it close to his heart). Granma also got them a light up sword and wand.

After that was the dinner and horse show where the kids were so excited to get to eat just with their hands!  Then the true intentions of the wretched green knight were revealed — he was there to take over the kingdom with hostile force.  And he started mortally wounding good knights left and right.

We were all really getting into it.  I mean, we take after my mom after all, who had a state-wide reputation for being the loudest parent during our sporting events.  So we were screaming and banging on the tables and huzzahing!  And the kids were louder than all of us. 

I didn’t think much of it until the other people around us began to watch our kids more than the show.  And they kept watching our kids.  And our knight got mortally wounded by the green knight.  And then even more people were watching our kids.  I could see Button really well, but she blocked much of my view of Siah, who was sitting between her and my mom.

So, curious as to what was of such great interest, I peered around Button to see Siah – screaming at the top of his lungs with tears streaming down his face.  He was screaming so much he was hoarse!  And his tears probably flowed for 20 minutes.  I invited him to come sit on my lap, thinking he needed to be comforted.  “NO, MAMA! I am NOT going to sit on your lap! I have to scream so that the good guys win!!!”  He was so into it. 

Afterwards, he grabbed my hand and said, “C’mon, mama.  Let’s hurry. I want to go see the king.”  We were first in line for the king and Siah asked him, “Did I scream loud?”  “Oh, yes, you did, young squire,” the king responded.  Siah beamed.  And he lit up even more when the king signed his crown.  He wasn’t so into the princess, but raced to go find our “hero” (the knight for our section).  He got a picture with him and had him sign his crown and then back to the king for a picture with him.  “Mama, can you please put my pictures up in my room???” 

Then he saw the green knight.  And he went up and shook his hand.  I said, “Siah, don’t you want to stab him with your sword?”  “No, Mama.  He was just playing the part of a bad guy.  He’s really a good guy.”

I was glad he got it.  In the car, I asked him, “Siah, were you crying during the show?”  “Yes, I was,” he said.  “I was so angry, Mama, that my tears just overfloweded!  They overfloweded!”

It’s amazing what you can learn about your children in the most simple of experiences.  Siah is clearly full of passion and zeal for what is right and good.  I love that about him.