This was the most memorable Thanksgiving I’ve ever had. And probably my favorite. Or at least one of my most favorites (I’ve had one every year, after all!). Here’s why:

  • We had over 20 people at our house for Thanksgiving. We invited people who otherwise didn’t have a place to go. God says He sets the lonely in families, and we’re committed to being that family for anyone He so chooses. This was our first Thanksgiving being “mom and dad.” Every other Thanksgiving, I’ve spent either with my parents or Niki’s parents. So this was the first time I was responsible for cooking the turkey! (Wish I’d paid better attention all those other Thanksgivings). The turkey turned out perfectly, though! Golden brown and delicious. (Funny, but I feel like I’ve fully entered womanhood now that I’ve baked a big bird!) Everyone else brought food to share. And it was so delicious! It was like everyone went all out because they only had to cook one or two dishes. And it was so easy! We used fancy paper plates (not an oxymoron) and plastic utensils. So the only dishes to clean were serving utensils and an occasional pot or pan. We had great fun, too. The house was full (it warmed my heart to see it full of people the way it was when we had church services in the house), and we watched a movie (Dan in Real Life – it’s my Thanksgiving tradition), played my favorite game, and sat around the fire pit outside til 11pm. THE BEST!
  • My grandma also passed away on Thanksgiving day. Deep sadness. But she went peacefully, in her sleep. And my mom and aunt got to be there, which was an answer to prayer for me. It’s poetic that she passed on Thanksgiving. So many of my Thanksgivings were spent with her and granpa. Great memories. Now every Thanksgiving from here on will remind me of her and my times with them. I like that.
  • Texas A&M won its game against tu!!! HUGE VICTORY. SO exciting. And about time! Gig em Aggies!!!