Button’s room was a mess. A perpetual mess. Which isn’t like her, generally. And whenever the kids’ rooms become unwieldy with toy clutter, I figure they have too many toys to keep track of. Time to purge! So I asked her to clean up her room and as she did so, to make a pile of anything that she didn’t want any more so we could give it to kids less fortunate than her.

So this morning I woke up to find her and Siah (she enlisted his help) smiling as they stood over a huge pile in the center of her room. In this pile were toys of days gone past, as well as brand new things she received last week! She had her least favorite things in there, right along with her most favorite things.

When I asked her WHAT SHE WAS THINKING (I contained my shock and disapproval, I think…), she said she wanted to give away the things she liked the most so poor kids could have things they really liked, too.

Then she declared, “Mama! I’m really crazy, aren’t I? Love makes you do crazy things. That’s what God says. He does crazy things for us because He loves us. And God looooves a cheerful giver. Look how happy I am!” Then she and Siah flashed their biggest, dimpliest grins ever. Then she broke thoughtlessly into song, “Give, and it will come back to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over!” “Mama? I think God’s smiling down at me right now. What do you think???”

I LOVE her heart. LOVE it. But I’m not there. I’ve taught her these things — I believe them. But I just don’t think I can let her give away MY favorite things of hers. WOW. I am so convicted by how much of a giver she is, how much of God’s heart she has, and how far I am from that.

Hello, Lukewarm heart. We gotta heat you up…