10/23/2010-Joseph puts his head on my chest in a display of affection for the first time! Oh! So sweet!

Joseph is much more inclined than the other two kids were to put objects — anything! — into his mouth. We have to watch him like a hawk!

The 3 kids all spend the night in Button’s room. (We had guests staying in Siah and Joseph’s rooms). This was the first time they all got to spend the night together. Oh, the giggles coming out of her room! They were all talking to each other, laughing, and engaging with one another. Even Joseph was propped up on his arms, fully expressing himself to his brother and sister. When Niki walked into their room to admonish them to go to sleep, Siah and Button hit their pillows and pretended to be asleep. Joseph knew something was going down, but didn’t know what to do. So he froze in his place and stared wide-eyed at dad! After Niki left, the giggles started again. And we were downstairs laughing at how cute they were. I love their relationship!