Last week was Joseph’s first birthday! I am so excited that we got to spend it with him! (Most children are adopted after 1 years old).

We had a small family-based celebration. Mostly because his birthday was in the middle of the week, and I’m not so keen on throwing a huge bash when it would take lots of time, lots of money, and it would be overwhelming for him (and us). So we picked up some presents (bouncy balls), a balloon (quite the hit), a party decoration for his high chair (so cute), and cake and ice cream.

We sang happy birthday a couple times (he thought it was cool at first, bouncing in his seat, but then started crying. I think the whole thing scared him a bit and he couldn’t figure out what all the hoopla was about). And he loved it that we were paying SO much attention to him, and that we would randomly stop everything and bust out in applause for Joseph. The kids were especially into making it a big deal, even requesting their favorite birthday-associated songs (like I Like to Move It Move It) and dancing around crazy-like.

I love first birthdays – and getting to see kids eat cake for the first time. The excitement on their faces when they get that first bite of pure sugar — priceless! Well, that time of the evening came. And I waited in great anticipation — with the video camera rolling — to catch his reaction.

Niki fed him the cake first. He made a displeased face and growled a bit. Then Niki gave him pure frosting (that’s where I would have been sold! Keep the cake, give me the frosting!). And again, Joseph was quite displeased and growled at us. So then Niki said, “Well, you’re going to like the ice cream!” We’re all ice cream monsters, and Niki’s the worst of all! So he put some ice cream in Joseph’s mouth, and again, frown and growl. Then Joseph paused, scowled at Niki, picked up the remainder of his bottle and kept drinking.

WOW!!! So Joseph doesn’t like sugar! We were so amused. I had imagined in my head something like Button and Siah’s first birthday (I smeared the cake all over her because she wasn’t really into it; he dove in and was covered in chocolate). But not for Joseph. He’s just not that into sugar. And there’s something really special about getting to discover each kid’s special likes, dislikes, and personality.

Happy Birthday, baby boy. I love you to pieces.