Last week it was a cold/allergy thing that still hasn’t gone away completely. Button has it the worse. Then it was poison ivy. And now it’s a stomach bug (totally gross).

Some kid-isms in the midst of it all:

Button: My nose feels all foggy.

Siah: My tummy muscles hurt. Frowin up isn’t good for your tummy. This is no place for little guys.

Button: My tummy feels like a whole bunch of worms are flip-flopping in there.

Siah: Mama, if I frow up again in the middle of the night, should I clean it up all by myself or will you clean it up for me again? (Awww!)

As I was up for an hour and a half in the middle of the night dealing with some of this grossness, I thought, “What an honor! If God were to ask, ‘who will love this child so much that they would be responsible for cleaning up after him even when he’s really sick?’, I want the answer to always be Me!” I get to be the Mama, and the Mama gets to take care of the sick kids.