Siah has become fascinated lately with the wrinkles on grown-ups’ faces. The other day he spotted the lines on my forehead, and he asked, “Mama, what are those?” Suddenly becoming very self-conscious about my aging face, but wanting to teach him that aging is a good thing, I responded, “Those are wisdom lines.”

“How do you get them?” he asked.

“Well, as you get older, you learn more things, have more experiences, and grow in wisdom. And as you get wisdom, you get lines on your face to show how much wisdom you have.”

Siah raised his eyebrows up as high as he could. “Do I have wisdom lines on my forehead now, Mama?”

I laughed. “Kind of, Siah. It’s not one of those things that you can make happen. It just happens as you go through life. You get wisdom as you go. And you’ll get more lines, too. Don’t worry about it — it’ll happen!”

He heard me. But I still catch him raising his eyebrows up high as he looks in the mirror to see how many wisdom lines he has!