Kelly, what is the balance between having a servant’s heart (so serving anywhere needed and doing anything needed) vs. recognizing your gifts and operating where God has put it on your heart to do so?

I wish I had a super bright-line-rule answer for you, but I don’t. So here are some thoughts I’d offer
a. pray about opportunities/decisions, even if it’s brief (Lord, is this best? as you’re heading off to do it);
b. make long-term commitments/strategically orient yourself towards serving in areas of your giftings, and be servant-hearted more sporadically and as you see needs arise;
c. beware of pride on both sides of these decisions (I’m too good for this servant-hearted task AND I don’t really have any giftings or anything to offer so I’m going to limit myself to only servant-hearted tasks);
d. make sure your heart is servant-hearted no matter what. even if you love doing it, do it humbly and for THEM rather than for you;
e. when in doubt, ask your pastor.