Following worship one Sunday, Niki invited people to share with the church any word they may have from the Lord. (A prophetic word must strengthen, encourage, or comfort). Several people got up and shared (side note — it was SO exciting!). But there were 2 words that were particularly powerful.

First, a 10-year-old girl genuinely heard God speak to her with respect to the loss of a loved one, and she mustered the courage to share it with our church family. She talked a bit of her loss and how she felt about it, then shared that the Lord told her that He loves her, will help her through this, and will make it okay. The magnitude of the word surely comforted anyone in the church who also was working through grief of their own.

Second, Siah got up in front of everyone, tears brimming in his eyes, and shared how he had a boo boo on his foot that hurt real bad! “And I fink it’s gonna be there all the way til Christmas!’ It was so adorable. He was so cute that the significance of what he did could’ve been lost. But Niki highlighted it for the church — Siah modeled for us being transparent, sharing our hurts with one another, and comforting others. “How many of you can relate to what he said — you’ve got a boo boo that’s going to last all the way til Christmas?”

I am so impressed with how God is turning our children into spiritual champions!