Button sat on my lap as I worked on the computer. “Mama, what are you doing?” “I’m working as a lawyer,” I said.

She paused and then exclaimed, “Oh, yeah, Mama! Just like Papa and Great Papa!!!”

I was so perplexed. “No, Button. Papa and Great Papa weren’t lawyers. Mama’s the first lawyer in her family.”

But she was adamant. “Yes, Mama! They were too lawyers! That’s what you told me!”

“No, I didn’t tell you that. They weren’t lawyers.”

“Uh-huh, Mama!!! ‘member how you told me they fought in those biiiig wars?!”

I finally got it! “Ohhh! The were warriors, not lawyers. A warrior is one who fights for others – like in a war. A lawyer makes sure people follow laws and that justice is done.”

But that got me thinking — Button identified something that is true about me. I might be a lawyer by profession, but I’m a warrior at heart!