From my friend and fellow ministry laborer regarding tomorrow (what would have been my due date) – this really, really moved me, and brought me true comfort, healing, and encouragement during this time of grieving:

This morning, before leaving for work Kristen began to pray for you. She prayed for the Lord’s comfort and peace to be upon you this week but specifically today, tomorrow and Friday.

While driving into work I listened to “Held” by Natalie Grant. It’s one of those moments that it’s like the first time you’ve listened to the song, really listened, although you may have heard it a million times. All this preface to say, “Today I am with you”. I listened and felt, and wept for your loss. I wept for you Kelly as a mother, Niki for you as a father, and for Josiah, Denali and Joseph as loving siblings and my heart breaks for your family.

The song ends, I turn the radio off, and there is comfort in silently hearing God’s promise of faithfulness, never-ending presence and unfailing love for you. I feel God tell me your testimony, your compassion, your faith, your love ( for each other, for your family, and those who’s hearts break) and your endurance has been upped, and will serve you well as you serve HIM, by serving his people that HE will bring you. Going forward, somehow your tank will be refueled as you remember Shiloh, and keep her in your heart.

You are not alone. God is holding you today.

Praying with you.