After dinner at Niki’s parents (Nana and Kaku) house, Button took Kaku by the hand and pulled him with her into the bathroom. He resisted, but she insisted. So he had no choice.

She closed the door behind him and made him stand by the door while she sat on the toilet seat cover. She told him that she noticed that Nana does all the house work around here and that, as a result, she doesn’t have any time to play with her or Siah, or teach them piano lessons. This was not okay, and so Kaku needed to be helping Nana more around the house.

Kaku tried to defend himself. He asked Button who made the salad and beef for dinner. She didn’t know. It was him! She said that while his reasons helped his case some, she still believed he needed to do more around the house to help Nana so she would have more time to relax and play. And no matter what else he said – it just didn’t make a difference!

Button then proceeded to bring every family member into the bathroom to have talks with them, making them sit on the floor by the door while she sat on the toilet seat cover and had serious talks with them. None were like Kaku’s talk, though. Most the other talks were about what she was going to get them for their birthdays.

For example, she told me she’s going to get me something in a box… and it’s going to be L-O-V-E, and then she’s going to get me another present, and it’s going to be M-O-R-E L-O-V-E. She believed with all her heart that she loved me more than I could ever love her (oh, silly little girl – just wait til you have a precious Button of your own!), so this would be the perfect gift for me to let me know. I told her it’s just what I wanted!