Goals for Maternity Leave

1. Time with God
I did pretty well with this by exploring new rhythms, finding something that works for me (I think), and being pretty consistent in it, even though my schedule was pretty inconsistent. So, not as much progress as I would have liked, but overall pretty good!

2. Organize the House
Tackled several big projects that had been bothering me. The house still isn’t where I want it to be (will it ever be?), but I felt I made the most of my time and I’m relieved with a lot of the progress made.

3. Plan Conferences (KWAM, Women in Leadership Ministry, Convention)
Done! Success! Woo Hoo!

4. Night Train Siah
Mostly done. We’ve moved into underwear at night and have had only a couple accidents. So, we’re getting there!

5. Teach Button to Ride Bike
Not so much. We haven’t even started yet. Epic Fail!

6. Lose Weight
Well, I thought I did. Turns out the scale disagrees with me. But I’m not sure that matters. I FEEL healthier and like I lost weight AND I fit into all my favorite outfits again. So the scale could say 300 pounds for all I care, as long as I feel good and look good!

7. Teach Siah to Read
We made some progress here, but not as much as I’d like. He’s doing better. And we set up a good expectation going forward that we’re going to continue learning how to read.

8. Scrapbook Siah’s First Year
Didn’t even start. Urg!

9. Gifts Sermon
I tackled a huge portion of this and feel really good about it. Still have some work to do, but I’m happy with what I accomplished.

10. Book
Not so much

Things that should have been on my list but were not:

1. Bond with Joseph (make sure attachment happens!):

2. Rest
YES!!! And this one is hard for me – it’s like overcoming an addiction.


I’m overall very pleased with how I spent my time off, what I accomplished, and the fruit that will come from it. Yeah, yeah, yeah!