Siah got out of the pool and was really worked up about the lifeguards calling break time and making the kids get out. He was very animated about the whole thing. “See, Mama! I told you! We NEVER get to be in long enough! The lifeguards ALWAYS make us get out too early. We don’t ever get to swim long!” His goggles were on, but they were too high on his eyes and they were too big for his face – which made him look a lot like a caricature. And he kept gesticulating, and his face was so expressive.

It was hysterical, but Niki, Mara, and I were all listening very intently, trying to hold back our smiles. Siah caught onto this and became incensed with us. He ended his tirade with, “Guys, it’s NOT FUNNY!!!” (which made us laugh even harder, because of the perfect comedic timing) and he stormed off and, in an act of protest, jumped into the pool!