My baby boy!

Food he likes to eat: Um, everything right now. Even that nasty smelling turkey and beef baby food. He’ll eat it, but he doesn’t get super excited (usually evident by clenching on his fists and lips and shaking intensely wherever he’s seated…must be hard not to be able to express yourself in other ways). He’s particularly fond of fruits and veggies, anything we’re eating, and ice cream.

Personality: Joseph is quite content, for the most part. He doesn’t get that worked up about things being taken from him, siblings being a little rough with him, or general discomforts that other babies do. But he’ll clear out a room with his shrieking if he wants something bad (like food or attention). He hates to feel he’s on the periphery of the activity. He can be sitting in a high chair at the end of the table while we’re all there, but he’ll have a total conniption until he’s moved to the center of the room/activity/attention. Aww! He’s also such a contagious giggler. I love to tickle him under his rib cage and call him a gigglopotamus!

Development: He’s gained 8 pounds in 3 months, and he’s 9 months old right now. We’re working on continuing to strengthen his legs (he loves his bouncy toy), strengthen his arms by lifting him up, and improve his pincher skills (like picking up small food pieces and snacking on them). His words are the best – he says Mamamamama (that’s me!) and dadadada (that’s Niki or Button), and buhbuhbuh (that’s Siah!) quite a lot. And he shrieks a lot. The kids think that’s so funny because he doesn’t have to listen to me and Niki when we tell him to be quiet!

Fun things to do: Joseph likes swimming and bath time (more baths than swimming, I think, because he gets a better splash effect). He also likes being with his siblings, playing or watching cartoons. He LOVES to be held and toted around the house by me (I’ve got to pull out my sling again now that we’re home). And he generally likes to be outside (all our kids have that in common. I’ve got to get a tent so we can do some camp outs!)

What People Say: We get more comments on Joseph than we did on our other two kids. I can’t figure out why, except that I believe it’s something spiritual. He has a magnetism to him, even though he’s not a flirt or charmer. Often people say he’s the cutest, most precious, or sweetest baby they’ve ever seen; that he’s so adorable; that they want to keep him themselves; and that he’s so content (one of the best words to describe him overall). After spending a few moments one-on-one with Joseph, one pastor said that he could feel the power of the Holy Spirit (or the anointing/call of God) powerfully on Joseph. Another pastor saw him and started crying and said there was a call on his life to heal people, to deliver people, and to lead and help his people in Ethiopia. All things to treasure in my heart.

Family Adjustment: We started introducing Joseph to daycare this week because I’ll be going back to work next week. He’s not doing well! This is so very exciting to me because it means that he’s truly, truly attached to us (and me in particular). Even after we bring him home from his short stints at the daycare, he’s unsettled and generally disquieted unless he’s with me. I couldn’t be happier! I mean, I feel for the poor kid. But for him to be experiencing separation anxiety and wanting to cling to me is a HUGE sign that he’s attached to us and sees us as his parents. All of this must have happened while we were on vacation because he wasn’t like this at all a couple weeks ago. Oh, joy, joy, joy!!!