I go back to work in 1 week. And it makes me sad – I mean, I’m thankful for my job and glad for the routine that I’ll get back into. But I will really miss my kids and being at home. It’s like a taste of my dream, just to kiss it goodbye until I have another child. So, big tears.

And I always get down right before I go back. So instead I’m trying to be super intentional about making the most of my week of “Saturdays” with the kids between now and then. REALLY living up our time together.

Today was PERFECT. We got up, I had about an hour of quiet time with God, the kids and I had a yummy breakfast (with Jasmine tea, mmmm!), watched some cartoons, and then headed out to a dr’s appointment waaaay on the other side of the city. On the way, we saw a college girl walking across Key Bridge (loooong way) and it’s like 110 degrees today. So we offered her a ride. Her name was Kaitlin and we had a delightful talk til I dropped her off in Georgetown. So rewarding to do ministry in the moment – just to help someone out with their very real needs. I can’t imagine having to walk a mile in the suffocating heat of today.

Then the doctor appt went quickly (big smile), and we were in Bethesda (super fancy part of town), and there’s a Cheesecake Factory there. So the kids and I went to Cheesecake Factory and had a delightful lunch. The kids were so well behaved, and the food was spectacular. As always. And they’ve added another cheesecake that I think is their absolute best so far — White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cheesecake. HELLO??? Thank you, Jesus!

After that we skipped across the sweltering street to Neiman Marcus — waaaay unrealistically priced — to, I dunno, dream I guess. They had the most spectacularly creative art display of a flood of white butterflies and sparkly confetti hanging from the atrium sky light. It was so inspiring. I took some adorable photos of the kids in front of it, but it was hard to capture the full effect of the butterflies. I would hike back up there just to see it. My kids, butterflies, and photos — perfect moment for me.

Then back in the car, with NO traffic on the beltway (miracle!), quick into the house to get swimsuits on and then over to the pool for the afternoon. Which was awesome. Joseph loved it too! He has his 2nd tooth by the way! And he slept all the way through the night last night (great big smile).

Movie time after the pool – we watched the 1991 Peter Pan movie Hook. The kids love it. And truth be told, I love it, too. Don’t know why it makes me cry, though…

And for dessert I made them DIRT. It’s granola layered with chocolate pudding (with gummy worms buried in it) and topped with crushed oreos. So it really looks like dirt. Then I put it in a vase or a flower pot and serve it up! Siah dug right in; Button nearly lost her stomach before she gave it a try. Then she wanted seconds. Dirt is my most favorite dessert to give kids because it’s just so kid-perfect!

Great, great day!