We’re in the middle of a KWAM at a Foursquare church in Berea, Kentucky. Every time we do one of these conferences, I am amazed at how powerfully God moves in the lives of everyone who attends. It’s really remarkable!

It’s hard to describe this conference. We offer a series of messages, workshops, and interactive discussions that are all designed at helping attendees hear God, discern their calling, overcome obstacles (like fear or lies they believe), and ultimately, decide to “go for it” for Jesus — move outside their comfort zones, face their Moses-like excuses, and embrace all that God has for them and designed them to be.

It can seem like it’s a conference about church, or about leadership training, but really it’s a conference about YOU – each individual person who comes, and the heart that God has for them, his Word for them, and the plans for them. That’s why it’s hard to explain it or describe it — it changes with each conference because the people who come are different, and what God wants to do with them is different.

So what do we promise as a takeaway from this conference? [cricket cricket] I don’t know what — that will be different for each person. But I do know that there will be a takeaway, and that it will be significant — likely even life-changing!

So Niki and I pray greatly for the conference in advance. And we have a series of exercises, workshops, and teachings to choose from — we mix and match them for the conference based on what we are deriving from our prayer time. And we also listen carefully to God – He seems to have a different theme and focus area for each conference, based on the people who are in attendance.

Some of the exercises and teachings from this KWAM have included a discussion on Be Today Who You Seek to Become Tomorrow, praying prophetically (hearing God’s voice/heart) for those in the group, having attendees practice praying prophetically for each other, sharing stories of how attendees came to know Jesus, identifying life verses and using “spiritual ears” to explore what God is saying to each person through their verses, identifying and addressing the reasons people have for not doing ministry, unpacking what is church, discovering how to disciple – and who – and why!, discussing the difference between a temple mentality and an incarnational reality, and an exercise where attendees actually plant a church!!!

So far, it’s going spectacularly. The Spirit is visibly active and moving in and through people. And you can see lives changing right before your eyes!

I can’t wait to hear the testimonies at the end. That’s always my favorite part! Because that’s when I get to hear all that God’s been up to all weekend. Right now, I can tell God’s moving, but I don’t yet know all the ways how!