We were driving cross country during this family road trip. And we stopped at a gas station. It wasn’t our set time to stop – we had to stop early because of a traffic jam. And it wasn’t a particularly good part of town. Aside from the traffic, we wouldn’t have pulled over at all.

So in the gas station there was a Subway. Perfect – gas, lunch, and a bathroom stop all in one. The lady making the sandwiches didn’t say anything as she assembled the order. And I was verbally herding the kids (“put down the candy!” “don’t touch that!” “come over here!”) while our sandwich creation moved down the assembly line.

At the end, as the woman was ringing us up, she began talking to me: “I really want to have kids, but I haven’t been able to.” I did a double take. Here? In the middle of a sketch gas station? After having said nothing? What a bizarre topic to bring up with a stranger, and a super personal one. Then she continued to share some details about the fertility treatments she’s tried, the heartbreak she and her husband have experienced, and the longing of her heart. I sat there staring blankly, still dumbfounded by the circumstance.

It’s at times like these that I have two options: believe that this is a totally awkward random situation, or believe that God has placed me here for such a time as this. I can think that “there’s nothing I can do – why are you telling me this?” or I can have faith that through Him she can be healed. I can believe that this is a coincidence or a God-incidence.

So I just went for it: “Would you like me to pray for you?” She said she did, and right there in that unremarkable gas station in a totally sketch part of the city, I took the hand of a stranger and prayed that God would bless her with a child. And I promised I would continue to pray for her.

Lord, thank you for that divine appointment – a person who needed prayer to be encouraged and to be healed. I ask, Jesus, that You would bless Alfia with a biological child, just as you did Sarah, Rachel, Mary, Hannah, and countless other women through time. May she be added to their numbers, and may her child be dedicated to You, and may You be glorified through this miracle. Amen.