Today we spent the whole day at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. What a fantastic place! Quite likely the best museum I’ve ever been to with/for the kids. They were so engaged – I had to drag them out of there! And the exhibits were so interactive – but not in a cheesy or you-have-to-make-this-fun way. There was stuff at their level, and stuff at my level. We all had fun. From the Star Wars exhibit (we saw the REAL light sabers!), to the Rock Stars exhibit (Elvis’s car and guitar!), to the Ruby Bridges exhibit (life-size classroom replica), to the Experience Egypt exhibit (that was my favorite!) – we had the BEST time. Highly recommend it.

On a side note – Indianapolis is an awesome city. Not only for vacationing with kids (whoda thunk?), but also for living. They have a great highway system, lots of Texas Roadhouse restaurants, and a zoo with a tank in which you can actually pet sharks!!! LOVE IT.