So the Dead Sea Scrolls were penned about 2000 years ago and then left in clay jars in a cave on a remote cliff over the Mediterranean.

In 1947 (the timing with Israel’s independence can NOT be a coincidence!), a shepherd threw stones into the cave looking for a goat of his. The stones hit the jar, broke it, and he went in and found the scrolls.

But he had no idea what he had discovered, so he sold it to a local antique dealer.


This guy discovers original copies of the WORD OF GOD, and pawns it off for next to nothing. Can you imagine how valuable those scrolls were? And yet he had no idea what he possessed.

That’s like me sometimes (or, dare I say, many times?). It reminds me of that parable with the seed and the soils – the path, the rocks, the weeds, and then the fertile soil. The seed that lands on the path, rocks, and weeds can’t grow. Only the seed on the fertile soil grows. Jesus says the seed is the word of God, and the soils represent the condition of our heart. Often times, I receive words from God, but I let them fall on paths, rocks, or among weeds. I don’t guard them and cultivate them. I don’t treasure them for what they are. Like that shepherd, I’m just as guilty of pawning them off for a quick buck.