We had a fun day at the water park! And as we were leaving to go get dinner (we were in a bit of a hurry), Siah was walking behind us with a towel over his head, completely blocking his vision. Thinking he was horsing around, I took the towel off his head and said, “Siah, c’mon! Let’s get going!” He responded with great conviction, “NO, MAMA! I need the towel to cover my eyes because all these women are naked!!!”

Niki and I were so impressed with his conviction and his ability to judge that the women in front of him were showing too much skin for him to see. He later told us, “When I saw those women, bad thoughts were in my head. But when I put the towel over my eyes, the thoughts left my head!” Amazing!

I believe this action follows from some talks we’ve had with Siah, using the advice given to me by my dear friend Christy. We’ve explained to him that one day he will have a wife, and her body will be a special gift to him from God (and his body will be a gift to her as well). And everyone’s body is reserved as a special gift for the person that they will marry. So when he sees women who are showing too much skin, it’s like he’s opening up someone else’s present – because her body is a gift for her husband and not for him. And some people don’t understand this, so they wear things that give away part of the gift. But he can guard his eyes so he saves his eyes only for the woman who will be his gift, and so he protects other people’s gifts as well.

He “got it” and applied it today better than I ever could have hoped for!