We planned to spend a whole day in Madison. We reserved rooms at an extra special hotel (with an extra $pecial price) just because it had an indoor water park. The plan was to spend most the day at the pool. After all, a little bit of ice cream and a lot of swimming pool time makes for a perfect vacation for kids!

We started out the morning venturing around Madison. What a neat little city! The heart of the city – the capital and downtown- is built on an isthmus between two incredible lakes. We walked around the main street downtown (all the shops were closed because I guess Mondays are closed in Madison). And we got breakfast at Cosi (they have amazing oatmeal fixins, by the way!). We saw both lakes. And we drove out to an art co-op where local artisans sell their pieces so I could get a Christmas ornament (or find something cool to turn into a Christmas ornament). But it was closed, too – after all, it’s Monday – and so that was a bust.

Then we headed back to the hotel. And the afternoon was dedicated to swimming. I sat with Joseph while he slept and Niki played with the kids on the water slide and the pirate ship. About an hour into it all, Niki and Button came over to the whirlpool to rest. She was tired because of all the chlorine. Not more than 5 minutes later, we turned to hear Siah shrieking over by the life guards. Over half his face was covered in blood. Turned out he was walking about the ship and nailed a cannon with his nose and eye.

I went into emergency mode and invoked all my EMT/Paramedic training from over a decade ago. It seemed clear the lifeguards weren’t exactly sure what to do. I cleaned up his face, got ice on him, dressed the gash in his head, and raided their first aid kit. Step back people and give me your medical kit!!!

Next event was taking Siah to the hospital. He ended up needing stitches, but we were able to opt for gluing it together. He was a real champ, though during parts of it he was quite scared: “A hospital is no place for a little guy, Mama!”


Dinner was lovely – we sat in a beautifully designed outdoor patio at a restaurant owned by a local Wisconsin root beer company. SO FUN. Had I not been so drained, I would have sat there all night.

And now it’s time to relax. Finally. I am so emotionally drained from the whole thing. Hopefully we’ll have a better time at the NEXT water park!