So we went to see Notre Dame – the kids in their jammies with scruffy hair and all. A couple impressions: kind of a simple campus. Not what I was expecting. It’s amazing what a solid academic program, stellar football team, and enthusiastic alum can do for a school’s reputation. The thing I liked the most were the Bible verses inscribed on campus buildings. Also loved the huuuuge statue of Moses. The kids saw him first – they were excited to get their picture with him!

Then we went out to dinner and, as is common in college towns, there was a fair number of college students there. Whenever I’m around college students, I feel really drawn to them. Almost like there’s a part of my ministry heart/focus area that I have not yet realized. Not that it’s time to now. It’s kinda like the same feeling I have about our family – we have 3 kids, but our family doesn’t feel complete yet. I know there’s more to come. And I often feel like when we’re together as a family, something’s missing. That’s kinda how I feel around college students – like they’re a missing part of my life. But I don’t know yet how they “fit in.” If that makes any sense…

Got up the next morning, hit Sonic (big smile!), and drove through a torrential rain storm, through the city of Chicago, and through the rolling fields of Wisconsin to Madison. Yesterday consisted of family movie day and going out to eat.

We saw Karate Kid – which would more aptly be named “Kung Fu Kid.” It was a good movie! So premise is underdog kid encounters bad kids who are good at karate. And then there’s the big tournament at the end where the underdog beats all the bad kids. Then all the bad kids have a change of heart and decide to leave their sinister master and join the underdog’s master. At the end of the movie, we asked the kids what their favorite parts were. Button’s favorite part was when the good kid defeated the bad kid. Siah’s favorite part was when the bad kid had a change of heart and gave the trophy to the good kid, and when all the bad kids left the bad coach for the good coach. In their responses I saw a glimpse of how God wired them and how He will use them during their lifetimes – Button is passionate about justice and retribution: get the bad guys! She is a fighter, a deliverer, a warrior. Siah is passionate about redemption: may all bad people be saved and turned to good. He is a restorer, a healer, a man of compassion. And oh, how I love them both!