Today we embarked on a 2+ week great American adventure, with all three kids (ages 5 and under). We’re road tripping through 11 states in somewhere between 2 and 3 weeks (our schedule is flexible). Our grand plan is to go to Minneapolis where we’ll see a couple close friends and some family, celebrate the 4th of July (maybe lake style), and see the Mall of America. Ha ha ha – “Minnesota???”, a friend asked. “Yeah… I saw a ‘Visit Minnesota’ ad and I was sold! Their tourism department really got me!” Ha ha ha. Seriously, though, the main objective was to see people we care about and to do something different for our family while we had the time to do so!

After Minnesota, we’ll double back to Wisconsin and hit a super fabulous hotel/water park for several days. Then we’re cruising down to Indiana. I don’t really know what Indiana is known for, ‘cept that my dad’s mom was from here, and I hear they have fantastic fireflies. Fireflies and family – I’m sold! Plus, whoda thunk, but apparently Indianapolis is quite the place to visit!

After Indiana, we’ll head down to Kentucky where we’ll culminate with a leadership training conference we’re leading – one that’s Holy Spirit power-packed (in faith!). We’ll see some more friends, maybe some extended family, and, of course, Kentucky.

So today we drove for like, double digit hours. I lost count. And by “we” I mean “I.” The kids were all fantastic, though. And I enjoyed some solid uninterrupted prayer and scripture memorization time. Nothing like a black top and silence to really shut down my mind and make way for my spirit!

We hit 5 states today. And right now we’re staying in Notre Dame’s back yard. We needed a break, so we’re watching the World Cup. Button is cheering for the U.S. Siah is cheering for the “Ghanas.” (I suspect I’m going to have a disappointed hubby tonight, looking at the 2-1 score). After this, I hope to go see the university, take some frameable pics, and then eat at Texas Roadhouse, one of my favorite restaurants! Think what you want — you can take the girl outta Texas, but you can’t take Texas outta the girl!

The kids are still in their jammies from last night. With “crazy hair” as Button calls it. I probably SHOULDN’T take them out like this. But then again, it’s fun for them and I’m on vacation. I can always get them up and ready tomorrow. : D