I received this reflection from Pastor Roger Thrower. It’s the second time – or third – I’ve come across this verse recently. There’s more here for me to catch, so I’m recording it now so that I will continue to reflect on it:

“Speak to Me”

Just recently I led worship at a Cleansing Stream Retreat. In the leadership meeting preparing for ministry our focus was to help the participants understand that they would hear the voice of the Lord. Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice.” It is a bit sad and somewhat alarming to realize that many of God’s people actually believe He doesn’t speak to them. But then they begin to listen. Oh, what a delight it was to see people open their wounded hearts to the Lord and hear His voice. Wish you could have been there to observe the healing and freeing effect Jesus’ words had. His words are still spirit and life. His impact on the human heart is both marvelous to behold and even surprising when you observe the depth of insight with which He still speaks. (ha, ha) But He is Jesus, the lover of our souls. Jesus ministered lasting healing to heart wounds brought on by damaging life events. He freed people from the very presence of those “other voices” that hold people in captivity. In Luke 4 Jesus explains that this is what He does. It is such an awesome privilege to watch Jesus be Jesus. Well, back to the leadership meeting. I had a melody I had been creating but I had not written words as of yet. In that meeting at the moment the words came. I entitled the song “I Can Hear You.”


Speak to me Lord I can hear You.

I am Your sheep. I hear Your voice.

As You speak to me, Your words set me free.

Hearing you is the key. I can hear you.


I submit my heart to You.

To see and sense and hear from You.

What you reveal You heal.

What you reveal You heal.