Yesterday at school, Button drew a picture for Jesus and wrote this on the back:

“God, You are good and loved
and holy and mighty, oh yeah!
You are so mighty, yeah, yeah, yeah!
And I love you, oh yeah!
This is to God because You love me.
(to show my sister)
By Denali”

A couple thoughts:
1. I LOVE the worshipper’s heart she and Siah have been exhibiting lately. I believe they are truly becoming a woman and man after God’s own heart. I am learning truths about worship – and the pure delight and adoration in it – from both of them.
2. If I had a recording studio, I would make this song into a CD.
3. I continue to be amazed at how Button processes the loss of Shiloh – it’s so healthy!!! The sweetness of her acceptance that Shiloh is in heaven gives me great encouragement, joy, and hope.

Here’s the picture: